Transducer Advances Affordable Pressure Monitoring


The Ashcroft® T2 effectively combines economy, performance and durability into a compact, state-of-the-art pressure transducer. With a static accuracy of ±0.25%FS @ 21°C, modern digital temperature compensation ensures a Total Error Band better than ±1% between –20ºC and +85ºC.

An advanced sensor and electronics equip the T2 for maximum stability and long life in the presence of overpressure, shock, vibration, and extreme pressure cycling.

The Ashcroft® T2 pressure transducer can be configured from a long list of process connections, output signals and electrical termination options. Available in ranges from vacuum through 0/20,000 psi, the T2 delivers affordable precision for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.


  • static accuracy of ±0.25%FS @ 21°C
  • total Error Band better than ±1% between –20ºC and +85ºC
  • advanced sensor and electronics