Transducer Senses DC Voltage


The VTD-BD Series Voltage Transducer for sensing voltage in DC-powered installations are applicable for use on circuits to 600 VDC. It provides a fully isolated +/-5 VDC or +/- 10 VDC output signal in response to DC voltages that change polarity. The VTD-BD is housed in an easy-to-install DIN rail or panel mount case, and is available in a variety of ranges to suit many primary voltages. Applications include DC-powered operations such as arc welding, shunt wound electric motors and compound DC motors, which are commonly used to power lifting cranes on docks and in the wood processing industry.


Features of the VTD-BD series include:

  • Wide input range selection: Six ranges of input voltages from +/- 0-15 to +/-0-600 VDC
  • Industry standard outputs: +/-5 VDC or +/-10 VDC sensor powered outputs
  • Input/Output isolation for improved safety of use
  • DIN Rail or panel mount case for quick installation
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