Transporter 2007 conveyor equipment used in freezer applications


Lauyans & Company, Inc., Louisville, KY, introduces an innovative new design for conveyor equipment used in freezer applications (down to -20 °F), the Transporter 2007™. This new approach significantly reduces upfront cost and has the added advantage of reducing expenses over the life of the equipment. The patent pending Transporter 2007™ is used in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) freezer application in which pallet loads are transported from the mainline conveyor and presented to the stacker crane within a _” tolerance. The Transporter 2007™ replaces four (4) pieces of conventional conveyor equipment. It eliminates the use of hydraulic lift tables at the stacker crane interface along with eliminating 75% of the drives. Installation of the Transporter 2007™ is greatly simplified due to its single piece construction. Electrical devices and optional controls are pre-wired and factory tested prior to shipment reducing the cost of field wiring and startup of the system.
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