TRD Basic Cylinder Options


TRD offers an extensive selection of options and modifications for all of their actuators.  Over 50 options are currently cataloged.  Most cylinders can be ship in 2-3 days even with modifications!

  • The Non-Rotating NR option uses two internal, self-cleaning guide rods to prevent unwanted piston rotation.  This compact design saves space, as it is no larger than standard NFPA Cylinders.
  • TRD offers Electroless Nickel Plating in their EN option, which can be an economical alternative to stainless steel in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and food processing industries.
  • Low Friction seals (LF option) incorporate the use of round-lip, extremely low friction carboxilated nitrile seals to provide lower running and break-away friction.
  • TRD makes all cylinder heads and caps to order, and can provide cushion and port seals at any location.  TRD can even provide cushions and ports on the same side.

Learn more about TRD at  NFPA products, custom cylinders, CAD drawings and more!

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