TRD Tandem Cylinders


TRD's Tandem Cylinders are most commonly used in "air over oil" applications.  These applications typically will use air to provide the force to extend and retract the cylinder, while oil provides precise stroke speed control.

  • Tandem Cylinders can achieve constant velocities, even in slow speed applications, where air cylinders typically struggle to provide consistent velocity.
  • Smooth operation in pivot, overhung load applications is achieved by minimizing the effects of gravity through the air/oil design.
  • Any series of cylinders can be combined in Tandem, providing maximum design possibilities.
  • Several design schematics available to accommodate many applications.
  • Permanent lubrication design provides outstanding service life.  Click here to learn more!

Learn more about TRD at  NFPA products, custom cylinders, CAD drawings and more!

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