Trigonometry for Engineering Technology


This book uses mechanical, civil, and architectural applications to enhance its explanations of real-world scenarios. Its open format enables it to be used as a workbook either in class or for independent study. In addition to its thorough treatment of right-angle trigonometry, the text includes oblique triangle calculations and graphing of trigonometric functions. The examples in each chapter demonstrate a specific type of problem-solving procedure and are followed by practice exercises.


  • Emphasizes examples from the fields of engineering technology for students who are studying to prepare for work in those fields.
  • Many examples and exercises include illustrations to enhance the explanation of real-world scenarios.
  • Each chapter includes example problems that demonstrate a problem-solving procedure for specific problem types. The example problems are followed by exercises that the students solve for practice.
  • Several chapters are included to supplement the right angle trigonometry topics, including Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, and graphing trigonometric functions.
  • An open format allows students to use the text as a workbook in class and during study.
  • Includes answers and solutions to exercises.
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