TRISet Universal Tool Presetting


The new TRISet optical tool presetting and measuring device from SCHUNK allows you to measure, check, and adjust tools before using them. TRISet is suitable for all conventional tool-clamping systems. As a special bonus, a TRIBOS clamping device is integrated, which allows tools to be clamped in seconds. With TRISet, tools can be clamped, measured and adjusted outside the machine while the CNC machine carries on producing without any downtime.

TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology is especially suitable for tool presetting. In contrast to other toolholding systems, no axial displacement occurs because clamping occurs only in the radial direction. SCHUNK TRISet increases productivity because the use of preset tools helps to increase machine-running times and prevents rejects. Moreover, SCHUNK TRISet offers the option of adjusting tools exactly, using measurement programs for certain tasks, and checking the quality of the cutting edge.

The most striking feature is the unique menu operation via the knob/push button, which enables quick and easy use. Length and diameter as well as cutting edge angle and cutting edge radius are detected within seconds because of the ImageController1 image processing.

The setting devices are available in two measuring ranges: With a range of measurement Z=400 mm and D=400 mm, and a measuring range Z=600 mm and D=400 mm.

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