Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., specializing in end-of-line solutions for case packing and palletizing, introduces the Schneider Bag Palletizer, available for single and multiple line systems. Ideal for bag palletizing of heavy or industrial sized bags of product, Schneider’s state-of-the-art Bag Palletizer is ideal for applications where consistent throughput and well packed unit loads are essential. Controlled motion assures smooth and dependable product flow, increases line throughput and reduces product damage typically associated with manual handling while eliminating the risk of back injuries linked to manual palletizing. Throughput of up to 20 bags per minute can be achieved depending on product and pack pattern requirements. An authorized FANUC systems integrator, Schneider customizes the end of arm gripping tools on each machine for optimal performance based on your specific environment and product characteristics. Built in diagnostics are tightly integrated with the HMI user-friendly touch screen and maximize uptime. The visual display allows operators to identify and verify the pack pattern and the Bag Palletizer retains a limitless number of pallet patterns that can be recalled by touching the screen. The Schneider Bag Palletizer easily integrates with other equipment such as labelers, bar code readers, elevators and lowerators, shuttle cars and stretch wrappers. Additional options include pallet magazines, pallet dispensers, slip sheet magazines, and slip sheet dispensers.


• Bag Type: Paper, poly, or burlap style bags • Pallet Range: 40” x 40” to 56” x 56” • Robot: Fanuc • Guarding: Wire mesh fencing compliant to RIA standards
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