Truck-Mounted Static Grounding System


A new truck-mounted static grounding system from Newson Gale Inc provides an enhanced margin of safety when vacuum trucks are used during transfer of flammable or combustible materials in hazardous areas. More generally, the new system is suitable in a variety of other static grounding applications involving a vehicle operating in flammable or combustible areas. Among others, these might include hazmat and emergency response operations.
The Earth-Rite® MGV system, verifies the existence of an effective low resistance ground point and monitors the bonding connection throughout the transfer process. The new system eliminates the need for the services of a specialist to verify that systems based on previously available grounding/bonding equipment will meet current API and NFPA guidelines.
The MGV system is particularly well suited for use when vacuum trucks are used in cleaning, maintenance or spill-control applications, when collecting waste, spills or contaminated products for disposal. In such applications, typically involving low-conductivity liquids or highly resistive loose solids, large high levels of static electricity can accumulate, capable of producing a dangerous ignition spark.
The MGV system is simple to install and operate. Powered entirely by the truck’s battery, it provides constant assurance of a < 10 ohm connection to ground point by way of a bright flashing green LED cluster. It also includes a pair of change-over contacts (DPDT) for connection to additional safety devices such as strobe lights or audible alarms or for interlocking with the vacuum pump or control valve.  The “business end” of the system is a heavy-duty stainless steel clamp with universal clamping jaws, capable of maintaining a connection to flat or rounded surfaces, including common ground rods.
Units have obtained Intrinsically Safe certification for use in the Global Petrochemical Industries, according to the requirements of IECEX, ATEX, CSA./US and NEPSI (China). They may be used in all common gas, vapor or dust-explosive environments.


  • provides constant assurance of a < 10 ohm connection to ground point
  • simple to install and operate
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