TT Table-top Robot


Itasca, IL – (June 12, 2006) Visitors to this year’s Assembly Technology Expo will get first glance at IAI engineering applied to a convenient tabletop design. Featuring easy setup, the new TT Tabletop Robot comes ready to perform. What’s more, a surprisingly low price tag makes it easy to afford.
The TT Table Top Robot is as accurate as it is convenient. Featuring a rigid base of aluminum extruded material, a high accuracy ball screw and a servo control motor, the TT allows positioning repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm and eliminates misstepping. High path accuracy and constant speed are attained through a built-in X-SEL controller. The TT can be used in conjunction with a teaching pendant, PC software or other tools.

The TT is available in two types, gate or cantilever. Designed for high rigidity, the gate type’s Y-axis is fixed to withstand unbalanced loads. It is also recommended for applications where the Z-axis receives a heavy load, and applications where a large portion of the load overhangs the slider. The cantilever type provides a wide, open work surface to accommodate larger loads or those with an irregular shape in a fixed condition.

TT Table Top Robot users can select from two operating ranges. Type 2020 (200 mm x 200 mm) and type 4040 (400 mm x 400 mm) operating ranges (X-axis/Y-axis) of the actuator are available. Two-axis or 3-axis models may be specified. The 3-axis version comes standard with a Z-axis brake to prevent the slider from falling when the power is off.

The TT Table Top Robot is configured to support DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus and Ethernet for the transmission and acquisition of position changes, production results and other data.
Application examples using the TT include coating (based on the unit’s high-performance interpolation function), soldering (with the TT’s 3000-point positioning capability), driving screws (based on the Z-axis push-motion function) and circuit board inspection (using an optional attached image sensor).
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