Tuff-Seal Industrial Flooring Announced by Flooring Adventure


Tuff-Seal Industrial reduces worker fatigue, muffles noise, is highly slip-resistant even when wet and reduces dust. It hides cracks and stains, does not require expensive or frequent repair or replacement and uses standard floor cleaning methods. Since Tuff-Seal is normally not subfloor-adhered, its cost may be fully-deductible in the first year. Its life cycle cost is lower than most epoxy floor coatings.

Tuff-Seal uses no solvents, sealers or adhesives and can thus be installed in VOC-sensitive or restricted areas. Tuff-Seal tiles are 18” x 18” (450 mm x 450 mm), ¼” (6.5 mm) thick, weigh 3.5 pounds (1.55 kg) and are available in four surface profiles (stud, marquis, diamond and smooth) and nine colors (blue, red, teal, taupe, black, light gray, dark gray, white and canvas).
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