Turning Center


The Mazak QUICK TURN SMART (QTS) 200M CNC Turning Center increases productivity by reducing the number of setups required to process workpieces. The machine provides multi-tasking capability, fast axis feedrates and quick easy programming with Mazak’s SMART control. All of which makes the machine ideal for job shops and other high production environments. The QUICK TURN SMART 200M's headstock features a 25-hp, 5,000-rpm integrated spindle motor with a 2.56” spindle bore that is optimized for machining performance. The machine utilizes a 12-position drum turret, and for multi-tasking, a 7.5 hp, 4,500-rpm (7.5-hp 6,000-rpm optional) rotary tool spindle makes it possible to also mill, drill and tap workpieces. As part of Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the QUICK TURN SMART 200M is a Level 1 machine – those providing single spindle and rotating tool capabilities. Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking allow manufacturers to precisely match machine capabilities to part processing requirements. 

Machine features and functionalities within the other four levels range from Level 2 with Y-axis off-center machining and Level 3 machines featuring independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as full Y-axis travels and tool storage, to Level 4 machines with full simultaneous 5-axis capability and Level 5 Ultra-Tasking machines with additional specialized machining functions and Multi-Tasking automation. The QUICK TURN SMART utilizes the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System on the X- and Z-axes to ensure high rigidity and smooth cutting. The machine also features X-axis ball screw pretension for high accuracy. Additionally, the machine is very reliable, particularly when set up for long runs with an automatic bar-feeder system. 

The MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers high levels of durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The system reduces vibration to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quicker to shorten cycle times, consumes less lubricant for “Greener” operations, and lasts longer with less required maintenance. The Mazak SMART CNC control simplifies turning operations on the QUICK TURN SMART 200M. The control is designed for ease of operation and offers a 10.4" LCD color display and the familiar QWERTY keyboard. A pointing device, acting like a mouse, is also at the operator’s fingertips. Conversational part programming can also be accomplished. Mazak SMART control also accepts EIA/ISO programs. The machine also features an NC servo-driven tailstock to enable automated processes. The tailstock is fully programmable, driving the W-axis on its own AC servomotor and ball screw. Through the part program, the tailstock will retract to a known position and its center makes contact with the part with consistent holding pressure. Further, because of its positive independent drive system, the tailstock can be used to drill holes on a shaft centerline adding versatility to the jobs it can process.


  • multi-tasking capability
  • fast axis feedrates
  • quick easy programming
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