Twin Beam Scale System


Intercomp now offers a line of Twin Beam and U-Beam Scale configurations to compliment its extensive line of Portable Scale Systems. These scales are available in a variety of lengths and capacities and accommodate a wide variety of manufacturing environments and applications that require special considerations. Intercomp’s Twin Beam TB830 Scale utilizes an independent twin beam design for easy positioning to handle many diverse portable weighing applications. The rugged, mild steel construction offers floor mounting tabs for permanent installation in conveyor line weighing applications. Intercomp’s U-Beam US840 Scale offers an accurate and portable design for easy positioning to handle a multitude of warehouse weighing applications. The portable and lightweight construction offers the flexibility to store and transport the scale to hard-to-reach locations. The portable design of these Beam Scales handles oversized pallets and crates not normally weighed on a conventional floor, pallet truck or lift truck scale. These scales are well suited to the needs of custom manufacturers, transportation companies and warehouses for special application needs. Capacities are available up to 10,000 lb/5,000 kg and in multiple lengths based on the customer’s requirements.
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