TwinChargeTM a battery charger sequencer


Philadelphia Scientific, a leading international manufacturer of industrial battery components, accessories and tools, has introduced TwinChargeTM, a battery charger sequencer that allows two industrial batteries to be charged sequentially from the same charger. TwinCharge enables warehouses and distribution centers to maximize battery charging capability, particularly when battery room charger slots are limited. This is often a problem, for example, when rental trucks are being used or a facility is being expanded. The new battery charger sequencer also provides significant savings for companies that may be considering the purchase of SCR or high frequency chargers, as the addition of a TwinCharge sequencer may be more cost effective than the purchase of a second SCR or high frequency charger. “For facilities requiring more charger slots, TwinCharge provides an option to installing additional expensive chargers and wiring,” said Harold Vanasse, vice president of sales and marketing for Philadelphia Scientific. “It’s also ideal for three-shift applications where pooling and sharing of equipment is desired.” When two batteries are plugged into TwinCharge’s two output cables, one battery automatically starts to charge. When the charge is completed, the first battery is safely isolated from the charger, preventing potential sparks during disconnection. The TwinCharge sequencer then automatically switches over and begins charging the second battery without operator input. The status of each battery is clearly displayed on the control panel as “connected,” “charging” or “ready.” The TwinCharge sequencer is powered from the battery that is being charged, so no additional A/C lines are required to power it. The TwinCharge sequencer is also compliant with the Philadelphia Scientific Intelligent Battery Organizing System (iBOS®) and comes ready to be connected to an iBOS system if desired. The sequencer can be connected to an existing or newly installed iBOS system so that each battery is individually monitored and will be dispatched in the order that its charge is completed. Off peak battery charging is also enabled with the TwinCharge sequencer. Operators simply plug two discharged batteries in at the end of the day and let the batteries charge, in sequence automatically, during less expensive off peak times overnight.


• Electrical • Operating Voltage - 24V, 36V and 48V nominal • Nominal Current - 150Amps • Connections • Charger Connection - 1 x charger cable ready for connector attachment • Battery Connections - 2 x Battery cable ready for connector attachment • Indication • Green LED - Connected • Amber LED - Charging • Blue LED - Ready • Data - iBOS 2 x iBOS data
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