Two Component Epoxy Available For Cost Effective Repair


Steel Master #43 is a versatile steel filled two component epoxy resin system. It has been introduced by Master Bond, Inc. Hackensack, N.J. for the cost effective repair, maintenance, rebuilding, restoring and resealing of worn or damaged metal components. Formulated to cure rapidly at room temperatures, cures can be accelerated by the use of heat. Steel Master #43 develops high physical strength properties with a bond shear strength greater than 2300 psi and exhibits excellent durable adhesion to many substrates including metals, particularly steel, ceramics, glass, wood, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics.


Surface cleanliness is not critical for good bonding in many uses but is needed for optimal strength. The bonds feature remarkably high resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents over the temperature range of - 60°F to more than 250°F. The material is readily machineable after cure. Steel Master #43 is available in convenient packaging including pre-measured kits.

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