Two Very Tough Electronic Padlocks — Hockey Puck and Bar Bell


Videx is proud to announce that CyberLock® electronic access control technology has been incorporated into two new padlocks: the Hockey Puck and the Bar Bell. The electronic Hockey Puck Padlock has a stainless steel body that completely surrounds a stainless steel shackle when closed. Its buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt-cutters. The electronic Bar Bell Padlock has a stainless steel core and locking post. It is environmentally sealed with “O”rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching the inner core of the lock. The unique design of these intelligent padlocks allows them to perform extremely well in wet, corrosive environments. The Hockey Puck has anti-drilling features built into its core and the stainless steel construction makes it resistant to the harsh conditions experienced at water treatment plants and in marine environments. The Bar Bell has a screw-on waterproof cap and stainless steel locking post. A stainless steel cable tethers the cap and post to the body of the lock to prevent them from being misplaced. These padlocks are built for rugged applications such as securing chemical storage buildings, cargo containers, and gated areas at remote sites. Tough and intelligent, the Hockey Puck and Bar Bell padlocks take their place in the CyberLock family. As with all CyberLocks, you can restrict access for authorized users to specific days and for specific times during those days. In addition, a record of events is stored in both the lock and key, providing an audit trail for management.
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