Two-wire Electronic Vibration Switch


The introduction of the new two-wire switch is revolutionizing the vibration switch market by combining the reliability and dynamics of an electronic switch with the convenience of a mechanical switch, in one innovative compact design. The unique blueprint of the 686A Series includes the (U.S. patent pending) Magnetic Adjustable Vibration Threshold (MAVT™). This feature electronically adjusts the threshold value while the switch is installed on running equipment through a magnetically activated sensor. This allows for immediate installation and protection with no need for equipment shutdown. Now, protecting essential equipment such as pumps, motors, and fans can be reliably implemented without the burden of a complex setup.


• Frequency Range (±3 dB}- 3 to 1000 Hz • Threshold Rang - 0.25 to 6.0 ips pk • Threshold Hysteresis – 6% • Alarm Time Delay (selectable, see matrix - 3 to 12 seconds • Start Up Delay (if selected, see matrix) - 20 ± 5 seconds • Power On Delay (fixed, all versions) - 20 ±5 seconds • Transverse Sensitivity - < 3% • Operating Temperature Rang - -40 to +185 °F • Power Required - 24 to 240 VDCor VAC • Leak Current in Open Condition – 1 mA • Sensor Type - piezoelectric accelerometer • Relay Type and Contact Capacity - SPST Form A or B, N.O. or N.C. 24 to 240 VACor VDC@ 0.5 Amp
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