Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Tie Facilitates Contamination Screening


Thomas & Betts’ Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Tie is designed to be detected easily by metal detectors, X-ray equipment and vision detection systems. Metal detectors, which typically employ low-power, high-frequency magnetic coil systems that digitally interpret signals indicating ferrous content, will identify the Detectable Cable Tie when calibrated to a ferrous sphere of 1.5 millimeters or larger. The Detectable Cable Tie is made of either nylon 6.6 (polyamide) or polypropylene, a polymer that gives the cable tie buoyancy for visual detection in liquid processing applications. Both materials contain additives that increase the cable tie’s magnetism and density, making it discernible by metal detectors and X-ray equipment. The cable tie’s bright blue color makes it clearly perceptible for easy visual detection, especially in food processing applications. A manufacturer of metal detectors and other analytic instrumentation and a manufacturer of X-ray equipment and other trace detection instruments both have tested the Detectable Cable Tie. The cable tie’s patent-pending design proved effective. “Standard nylon cable ties cannot be detected,” said Rob DeWeez, product manager for Thomas & Betts’ Industrial Products Group. “If a nylon cable tie’s tail is cut off and falls into a batch during installation, it becomes a contaminant, regardless if the operation is food processing, tire manufacturing, pharmaceutical production or any other industry. Some plants have replaced nylon cable ties with ones made of stainless steel, which are detectable but much costlier and harder to use. The Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Tie, on the other hand, will be identified with current detection methods used in manufacturing, and is half the cost of a stainless steel cable tie.” The Detectable Cable Tie’s other features include Ty-Rap’s “Grip of Steel®,” a stainless steel locking device that exceeds UL® and military tensile strength requirements, plus a rounded head and smooth strap that repel contaminants. – more – TY-RAP® DETECTABLE CABLE TIE/PAGE 3 Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties are easily installed with Ty-Rap cable tie installation tools that hold the cable tie tails captive after they are cut, so they can be discarded properly. They also can be dispensed easily using Ty-Rap Totes, which help keep the installer from dropping cable ties. The nylon 6.6 and polypropylene cable ties are available in 3.62-inch (91.9-millimeter), 7.31-inch (186-millimeter), 13.4-inch (340-millimeter) and 14.2-inch (361-millimeter) lengths. Maximum operating temperature is 185 F (85 C).
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