A line of small Type 1 straight-sided cotton fiber deburring wheels for christmas tree and turbine root deburring and edge-breaking applications
is available from Rex-Cut Products, Inc. of Fall River, Massachusetts.

Rex-Cut® Type 1 Abrasive Wheels feature multiple layers of non-woven cotton fiber with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives that are laminated, pressed, and bonded together into a dense wheel that lasts twice as long as unitized wheels, claims the firm.  Providing smooth operator control, they are ideally suited for deburring, chamfering, and finishing turbine roots.

Available in 1”, 2” and 3” sizes, these small Rex-Cut® Type 1 Abrasive Wheels come in two styles: soft bond for light deburring, blending, and finishing and hard bond for aggressive grinding.  Constantly revealing fresh abrasives as they work, grain sizes offered are coarse, medium, fine, and very fine.  Other sizes and thicknesses are also available.

Rex-Cut® Type 1 Abrasive Wheels are priced according to size, abrasive grain, bond, and quantity.  Samples and pricing are available upon request.

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