Schneider Electric has unveiled the most versatile solution for fluid control applications, the Telemecanique® brand Nautilus™ type XMLG pressure transmitter. Reliable, durable and easy to use, the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitter is a necessary part of any pumping system as it converts applied pressure to an electrical signal that can be used to control and/or monitor a process variable. With pressure ranges from -14.5 to 8700 psi, and analog current output as 4-20 mA or a voltage output from 0-10 V, the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitters can be used anywhere exact pressure measurement is required.

“Schneider Electric has developed a product that answers pump control manufacturers’ and pump OEMs’ call for a more reliable, cost-effective and compact pressure transmitter that easily interfaces with common automation systems, whether they are PLC- or variable frequency drive-based,” said Mark Duncan, product marketing manager, limit switches and fluid control, Schneider Electric. “The Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitters allow considerable installation freedom and offer excellent industrial qualities, making them particularly suitable for demanding applications.”

The ceramic sensor technology used in the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitters meets users’ most stringent requirements for high-impact mechanical performances. The product’s rugged, robust construction provides years of uninterrupted service and long-term stability. In addition, the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitter is designed with excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference and offers verified environmental protection with IP66 and IP67 ratings. Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection are standard features, and the product will not leak in the event the destruction pressure is exceeded.

Users also will benefit from the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitter’s compact construction, which simplifies installation in the machine and reduces panel size. An integrated quick-connection system, Quickon from Phoenix Contact, or M12 connector, allows fast cabling that saves users time and the hassle of special tools. The economical product also is available in bulk for even further cost savings.

The Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitter is suitable for OEMs, control panel builders and system integrators in a number of industries, including transportation wash, industrial machines, specialty machines, packaging, material handling, water/wastewater, food and beverage, automotive and railways. Primary applications of the product include pneumatic and hydraulic installations, injection presses, industrial compressors, machine tools, pumps, water treatment, automobile construction, irrigation, compressors and vacuum systems.


• Applications : Control circuits • Type of fluids controlled : Air, water, hydraulic oils, corrosive fuids • Fluid characteristics : 5 to 257°F (-15 to 125°C) • Type of sensor and features : 4-20mA or 0-10V output • Sizes : -14.5 to 5800PSI • Dimensions WXH" (mm) : .90 X 2.76" (22.8 X 70.1mm) • Type of output : Analog, 4-20mA or 0-10V • Degree of protection : IP66, IP67 conforming to IEC/EN60529, NEMA 4 • Electrical connection : M12 connector integrated quick connection* • Fluid connection : 1/4" NPT male**
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