Ultimus™ V High-precision Dispenser & Optimeter™ Increase Productivity in Critical Assembly Processes


In today’s competitive global environment where advanced products like medical devices and electronics are becoming ever smaller and more complex, manufacturers are challenged with finding new ways to apply the adhesives and other fluids used to build them with greater precision, at faster speeds. Keeping the amount of fluid applied consistent as it gets thicker or thinner, or as the volume of fluid in the reservoir decreases, can be critical to maintaining productivity and quality. EFD’s Ultimus V and Optimeter resolve these issues and reduce downtime at automated dispensing stations.

For fluids that change viscosity, the new UltimusV high-precision dispenser provides the ability to store and then automatically adjust dispensing settings to keep the amount of fluid applied constant.  And to compensate for changing fluid reservoir levels, the patent-pending Optimeter automatically adjusts air flow to maintain uniform deposit size.

In keeping w/ EFD’s commitment to the global manufacturing community, users have the option of displaying menus and prompts in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean or Spanish, and setting dispensing parameters in standard, metric or SI units.


• 400 individual memory storage cells • Steady, Timed and Teach modes • Multi-level operator lockout • End of Cycle Feedback loop • External PC interface for data input
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