Ultra-Bright 15-inch Touch Screen HMI


Omron Electronics LLC extended its popular NS Series touch screen HMIs with a 15-inch diagonal display that offers high brightness for crisp images that enhance readability in indoor and outdoor applications. The NS15 offers built-in Modbus II and Internet interfaces and Ladder Monitor functionality to support industrial applications that range from process control and material handling to marine navigation systems.  The large screen area provides a more comprehensive view of operations than smaller ones and offers the option to incorporate live video images and data from inspection systems into the screen design for more informative monitoring.  Built-in dual serial ports for long-distance multi-drop data exchange and front panel function keys give the NS15 a unique combination of capabilities for flexible, affordable monitoring and control solutions.
The high-definition, 15" TFT color LCD display incorporated within the NS15 offers unprecedented clarity and viewing angle (+/-85 degrees left/right, 70 degrees top, 80 degrees bottom), with a backlight life of 50,000 hours minimum. The 1,024 x 768 XGA resolution display has 32,768 color levels and is fully dimmable via touch-keys or an external potentiometer.  Its brightness level of 600 Nits is measurably brighter than typical HMIs with 450-500 Nits, and appears as bright as some 1000 Nits models due to a design that maximizes backlight transmission.  The analog-resistive touch panel means that there is no visible touch-switch matrix grid, further enhancing the clarity of the display.

With only one model number, the NS15-TX01S-V2 features RS-232C, RS-422A, Ethernet and USB connections as standard, including PictBridge printer support via the USB slave connector.  It even includes an analog RGB output connector so that an additional external monitor may be connected to mimic the HMI display.

The NS15, like Omron's smaller Ethernet-enabled NS-series HMIs, can provide remote web-browsing and control without the need to install any specialized software on the host PC.  As an invaluable aid to remote maintenance, the user can see exactly what's happening at the site where the machine is located. The web-interface can run in "Monitor" mode to limit the view of certain screens, or it can run in full "Operation" mode so that the HMI terminal can be operated as if the person were standing next to the machine.  The NS Web Interface allows displays of alarms and actual values for remote monitoring and operation of the HMI, and file transfer of stored data from the memory card.

Setup for remote viewing of NS-series HMIs via the internet is as simple as typing the IP address of the unit into the web browser. A login name and password provide secure access. However, the NS could be added to a secured network within the factory environment, permitting access only by a secure, encrypted VPN connection.  Remote file access to upload alarm log history and trend data, and extract stored BMP images only requires entering then IP address, pressing the "FTP Enable" button, then pressing "WRITE".

The NS15 features both USB host and slave connectors (for programming, connection of a printer, etc.), RS-232C (Port A), RS-422A (Port B) and Ethernet, all as standard, allowing direct connection to Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs and Omron temperature control systems. When used with an Omron PLC, "Smart Active Parts" (SAPs) components from the CX-Designer software library may be used to greatly reduce project development time and assist on-machine troubleshooting.

Omron's optional NS-CA002 video board may be connected to the NS15, providing 2 x composite video inputs and a single analog RGB input (15-pin D-type connector).  This means that the NS15 can effectively be used as a computer monitor to provide live video images as well as the usual control functionality.

The NS15 HMI has an IP65 enclosure rating with CE, UL (UL1604 Class 1, Div.2) and CSA approvals, as well as marine approval for Lloyds, ABS and NK.
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