TRI-TRONICS COMPANY INC. has introduced a line of ultra-fast, dual-function sensors offering the highest speed of response (10µs) in the world. The new patented SMARTEYE? X-PRO Model XP10 Extremely High Speed Sensors were designed to perform as either precision registration mark sensors or as standard photoelectric sensors for higher speed parts detection and counting applications. The 5µs repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry. FEATURES • 10µs Response Time • 5µs Repeatability • Dual-Function Mark Mode-Registration Normal Mode-Object Sensing • 5 Memory Locations • Remote Control Input Line for PLC and External Programming • Connector or Cable Models • White, Red or Infrared LED • AUTOSET- One Push Setup • Choice of 10 Optical Blocks


SUPPLY VOLTAGE: • 12 to 24 VDC • Polarity Protected • Intended for use in Class 2 circuits CURRENT REQUIREMENTS: • 45 milliamps (exclusive of load) OUTPUT TRANSISTORS: • (1) NPN and (1) PNP sensor output transistors • Outputs sink or source up to 150 milliamps (current limit) • All outputs are continuously short circuit protected REMOTE AUTOSET INPUT: • Opto isolated sinking input (10 milliamps) RESPONSE TIME: • Light/Dark = 10µs • Repeatability = 5µs LED LIGHT SOURCE: • Infrared= 880nm, Red= 660nm, White= Broadband Color Spectrum. PUSH BUTTON CONTROL: • AUTOSET • Manual Adjustments • Set status of 10 options: (10) Lock,(9) Mark,(8) PS 10ms,(7) PS 20ms (6) Enable,(5-1) Memory Locations AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: • -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F) RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: • Chemical resistant, high impact polycarbonate housing • Waterproof, ratings: NEMA 4x, 6p and IP67 • Conforms to heavy industry grade CE requirements HYSTERESIS: • Set for high resolution - less than one bar on the contrast indicator DIMENSIONS: • Width: 2.715in (69.0mm), • Height: 1.715in (43.6mm), • Depth: .64in (16.3mm) LIGHT IMMUNITY: • Responds to sensor's pulsed modulated light source - immune to most ambient light including indirect sunlight MAXIMUM SENSING RANGE: • Retroreflective: up to 15ft.(4.5M) • Proximity: up to 30in.(762mm) • Fiberoptic Proximity: up to 2in.(51mm) w/o lens / 6in.(152mm) w/lens • Fiberoptic Opposed Mode: up to 11in.(279mm) w/o lens / 6ft.(1.8M) w/lens
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