Ultra-Hard Coating Deposition System


Sporting a complete redesign, the Centurion deposition system features enhanced reliability and a fresh control system to achieve cost-efficient deposition of hard and decorative coatings on parts up to 1 m2 in volume production.


The coating processes can be automated through recipes for easy transfer from Duralar's R&D center to customer sites around the world.


Duralar coatings incorporate unique metal and diamond-based nanotechnologies to produce unprecedented hardness, toughness, and wear resistance as well as protection against corrosion and erosion. As a result of their unique molecular structure, the coatings maintain low internal stress and remain stable at high temperatures.


Duralar coatings are composed of multiple layers which can be adjusted to tailor the coating properties for specific applications. These advanced hard coatings are used to enhance performance and extend the longevity of parts that are subject to heavy wear. Many Duralar applications can be found in industries such as automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, chemicals, mining, weaponry, textiles, food & beverage, medical and consumer products. 

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