Ultra long range, high speed UV luminescence sensor


Balluff’s BLT 31M sensor effectively detects UV luminescent materials and markers with a range of up to 300mm, the longest sensing distance of any luminescence sensor on the market. Its extended sensing range allows the sensor to be mounted out of the way of the manufacturing process, avoiding incidental contact. In addition, its unequaled response time (6 kHz) makes this sensor ideal for packaging and other high-speed applications. The BLT 31M combines adjustable light projection and high resolution to excel in small part detection and error proofing. With the assistance of an optional 50mm lens, the projected UV light can be directed into a 5mm spot. With this small spot size the sensor is capable of detecting targets as small as a single stitch in a piece of fabric. Unlike competing sensors, the BLT 31M includes both auto-teach and manual programming. In addition, the sensor provides an analog 0-5 V output and one discrete output. Its analog output allows it to measure the intensity of the returned signal, allowing for easier set up and the ability to track process variations when deployed in error proofing applications. The BLT 31M uses a numerical display to provide a visible representation of the relative intensity of the returned signal from 00 to 50. When the reflected light level exceeds the preset threshold, the BLT 31M’s discrete output changes state warning of a possible process variation.


• Output function - 0-5 Vdc • NO/NC selectable - 0…90 ms (10 steps) • Output pulse stretch - 2 Levels • Sensitivity - Programmable (10 steps) • Hysteresis - Remote lock/unlock • Ambient temperature range Ta - -20º C…+55º C • Degree of protection per IEC 60529 - IP 67 • Short circuit protection - yes • Overload protection- yes • Housing material - Metal alloy • Lens material – glass • Weight-95g
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