Ultra Precise Temperature and Process Controllers


 Omron Electronics LLC  has extended its line of proven E5CN series 1/16 DIN size temperature and process controllers with advanced E5CN-H models that provide OEM machine builders with high-speed response, higher resolution and accuracy than standard models, and a wider range for performance customization to meet project requirements, including logic operations and preventive maintenance functions. The advanced functions, including password protected settings and customizable menus, are accessed via CX-Thermo software to ensure the highest level of security. The compact panel-mount controller's universal inputs for temperature and analog processes, selection of 13 alarm types and 3-color changing display to indicate status enable machine builders to use one model to satisfy the needs of many projects and lower design, purchasing, programming and stocking costs.

The E5CN-H models offer a fast 60 ms sampling period which allows more precise heater control in rapidly changing, disturbance-sensitive applications. With accuracy of ±0.1% of preset value (PV) for thermocouple and RTD inputs and ±0.1% full scale for analog inputs, the 2-PID control delivers exact control and stability with fast reaction speed.  Time saving auto-tuning in E5CN series is considered one

The 5-digit display with 0.01 degrees Celsius display resolution on E5CN-H models shows both PV and SV at a glance and can be preprogrammed so that it changes color (red to green to orange) in response to an alarm, a preset value, or when values vary outside a preset threshold. In a packaging application, the display change can alert plant floor staff that a heater has burned out in a form/fill/seal machine and detect a bad sealing situation before it turns into a high waste situation. The display can also be set to alternate between PV/SV-status and Temperature Controller status (auto/manual, RUN/STOP, and alarms).

The E5CN-H provides flexible contact outputs with logic operations (AND, OR and time delays) that enable OEMs to build simple logic and timing programs. The 8 logic registers offer a robust capability that proves useful with pumps, where a minimum ON time is required.

A unique preventive maintenance feature built into the E5CN-H controller tracks the load life of the output relay. The ON/OFF cycle counter can be set via software to alert staff when the relay nears the end of its operational life enabling planned replacement instead unexpected failure.

Space-saving E5CN-H temperature and process controllers measure 48 H x 48 W x 91 D mm to fit 1/16 DIN panel cutouts. Controller and Option Boards for heater burnout detection, serial communication, event inputs, a second control output, and transfer analog output are available from stock. CX-Thermo Support Software provides access to expanded functionality and security settings, and enables OEMs to set multiple units with the same program and monitor operations of multiple units for debugging and plant-floor diagnostics.


* Input Types : Universal Thermocouple/RTD * Control Outputs : 1 Relay output * Alarm Outputs : 2 Auxiliary Relays * Option Boards : Use 1 E53-CN_N2 * Case Color : Silver * Features : Terminal block connection * Supply Voltage : 100 to 240 VAC
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