Ultra-Thin, Open-End Wrenches


 PROTO ANNOUNCES A FULL LINE OF ULTRA THIN WRENCHES The company has added several new products to its ultra-thin, open-end wrench lines. Conyers, GA April 17, 2007 –  Proto has just finished expanding its three lines of thin, open-end wrenches. The company has introduced a new line of Check Nut wrenches, and has added SKUs to its Service and Tappet wrench lines. Together, the three product lines give Proto one of the broadest offerings in this category, with enough choices to meet nearly any user need. Ultra-thin wrenches are used when access is needed to tight spots, and where high torque isn't needed. Check Nut Wrenches are a new offering for Proto. These basic ultra-thin wrenches are used to tighten the check nuts (also called lock nuts or jam nuts) that hold other fasteners in place. The wrenches have a slim profile, a single, thin open end, and a short oval handle with a slip-resistant grip to improve safety. They come in a black oxide finish. SKUs include 18 fractional and 20 metric sizes. Service Wrenches, also called pump wrenches, are similar to check nut wrenches, but they have a satin finish, and their heads are set at a greater angle. They're frequently used on hydraulic equipment where high torque is not needed. These wrenches are also lighter than the big wrenches normally used for large nuts. Since the hydraulic lines are typically a low torque application, a technician working on pumps would rather carry a lighter set of wrenches. SKUs include 26 fractional and 21 metric sizes. Tappet Wrenches are an even more specialized ultra-thin wrench. They're used to adjust the tappets in an internal combustion engine. (Tappets are raised and lowered by the rotation of the engine's camshaft. They open and close the intake and exhaust valves.) A tappet wrench's long shank provides leverage, while keeping the technician's hands clear of hot engine parts. The double open end design lets the technician carry fewer wrenches. SKUs include 5 fractional wrenches with 10 opening sizes, and 9 metric wrenches with 18 opening sizes.
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