Ultrasonic level transmitter/switch


K-TEK, a leading manufacturer of
state-of-the-art instrumentation for level measurement, today announced the
KSONIK MICRO, a compact, low cost, ultrasonic level transmitter/switch
designed for liquid and bulk solids level applications. The KSONIK MICRO
features Variable GAP technology that allows the instrument to work even in
the presence of dust, vapor, or foam. Variable GAP technology also provides
the narrowest beam angle in the industry, less than four degrees; this
allows the transmitter to make accurate measurements in narrow vessels. The
KSONIK MICRO features an electronic filter that removes ambient noise, such
as from falling rocks and grain. Integrated KSCOPE display provides detailed
data and trends, including echo profiles. Adjustable threshold means level
measurements can be made even with H-beams present in a silo.

The KSONIK MICRO measures liquid levels to 32.8 feet (10 meters) and bulk
solids to 16 feet (5 meters). Blanking distances have been shortened to less
than one (1) foot. A 4-20 mA output is standard for remote indication or
remote control. A single pole-double throw (SPDT) relay can be used to
activate alarms and pumps.

"For the first time, obstacles like dust, vapor, and foam do not limit the
range of a level instrument," stated Kevin Barnfather, Director of Sales and
Marketing, Ultrasonic Products, K-TEK. "The KSONIK MICRO combines the
highest accuracy for simple level measurement applications and ample power
for challenging environments. Our unique, Variable GAP technology means we
can make accurate level measurements in difficult environments that our
competitors cannot face, such as high ambient noise and dusty, narrow tanks.
Our on-board KSCOPE software takes level measurement to new heights by
providing quick and easy access to detailed process information, including
echo profiles and trends."

Variable GAP Technology

Ultrasonic measurements are based on the Time-of-Flight (TOF) of an acoustic
wave that is emitted from a transducer and directed toward the product being
measured. This wave is reflected back toward the transducer and then
converted to an electric signal. The KSONIK MICRO features a unique approach
to measurements using Variable GAP -- Gain, Amplitude, and Power -
technology. Variable GAP ensures accurate measurements by always working
with the smallest return signal. The Gain is automatically increased if the
return echo is being absorbed by dust or foam in the environment. If the
instrument cannot hear the return echo after adjusting the gain, the
Amplitude is automatically increased. If the device still cannot hear the
echo, the Power is automatically adjusted.

Working together, Variable GAP provides 32,000 different combinations,
guaranteeing measurements using the best echoes. GAP is automatic and
dynamic; no two shots are the same. This means the KSONIK MICRO is always
learning, constantly delivering a better return echo.


The KSONIK MICRO's integrated display provides easy access to detailed
readings, including distance and level, percentage fill, flow rate, total
flow, height to the top of the material being measured, and temperature. An
on-board echo profile provides full diagnostics which can also indicate

The KSONIK MICRO is housed in an IP65 polycarbonate enclosure. The
transducer uses PVDF wetted parts for corrosive environments.
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