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The new Series 70 ultrasonic sensor family from Baumer adds new features to proven technology to solve very demanding applications in the Food & Beverage, Logistics, Packaging, and Printing & Graphics markets. With a 6-meter detection range, ultra-slim sonic cone only more than 50% smaller than industry standards, and integrated temperature compensation allowing -25° to +60°C fluctuations, these ultrasonic sensors provide precise and reliable results even under the most adverse conditions. The Series 70 family adds on four product options: two distance-measuring sensors (UNAM 70) with either voltage or current output and two dual digital output proximity sensors (UZAM 70) with two either NPN or PNP switching outputs which can be set to detect targets at two different distances with either normally-open or normally-closed outputs. 

The Series 70 family provides solutions for applications typically difficult to solve, such as fill-level monitoring for liquids or bulk material either outdoors or in silos, paper roll diameter as well as stack height and position measurement, and reservoir level monitoring for pump control applications. Insusceptible to color variations, the sensors reliably detect even glossy or highly transparent objects. Extremely resistant to dust, dirt and contaminants, the sensors provide continuous resolution and repeatability throughout the entire detection range. Integrated temperature compensation ensures utmost precision even in measurements at fluctuating temperatures such as occur from the start of a production day to the afternoon, when operating temperatures can soar. 

Another sensor hallmark is the extremely slender sonic cone. Focused sonic energy guarantees an extraordinarily high signal quality even under harsh ambient conditions. The nickel-plated brass housing with IP67 protection ensures the new Baumer ultrasonic sensors will maintain their excellence even under other demanding conditions such as in dirty, wet environments. The sensing distance of up to 6 meters, which is teachable either by button or by wire, enables an application-specific sensor adaptation, even varying across applications in a single plant. Moreover, the pushbutton teach procedure gives the user the ability to set the analog output  slope either to rising or falling as the application requires.


  • 6-meter detection range
  • four product options
  • slender sonic cone
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