Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice Prevents Conveyor Belt Teeth from Separating


The days of getting a loose tooth are finally over, thanks to Dorner’s new Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice. The distinguishing characteristic of the new Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice is all the teeth, or hooks, are joined together by a single bar stretching the length of the conveyor. This is important because it prevents teeth that may become loose during operation from detaching from the conveyor belt. The Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice is a critical safeguard for food, pharmaceutical and other industries that cannot afford to have a metal tooth separate from the belt and mix into the moving product. The Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice is also a more low profile clipper splice than other similar devices on the market today. Having a lower profile clipper splice gives the belt a smoother surface — an important sanitary feature as it reduces the chance for teeth to catch and capture fragments of moving product. The Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice belt option is another value customers receive when doing business with Dorner and it further enhances the company’s commitment to being truly responsive.

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