Unique Family of Laser Difference Sensors Recognize Target Regardless of Distance, Movement or Elevation


Baumer Electric has introduced a unique family of five laser sensors designed to recognize a target regardless of its distance from the sensor or any uncontrolled wobbling, movement or elevation changes.  In automated production environments, these sensors work efficiently on shaky conveyors and high-speed equipment.
Ideal for use in both static and dynamic applications, the OBDM 12 sensors detect targets that match a pre-programmed differential value within the sensor's operating range of 16 to 120 mm.  As data output feeds directly to a PLC, these sensors can replace costly analog distance sensors and their associated analog hardware and software.
The teachable OBDM 12 difference sensors can be programmed to recognize up to two positional values, and will detect changes as small as 0.2 mm.   Small and easy to use, these sensors measure just 37x25x12 mm, and offer 1 ms response times.
These sensors are ideal for part detection and quality control monitoring in a range of automated industries including aerospace/automotive manufacturing, food/beverage processing, semiconductor/electronics assembly, printing and graphics, packaging, and medical manufacturing.  Five versions are available for step sensing, minimum/maximum analysis, tolerance analysis, window analysis, and comparing.


• type 2-point comparison • sensing distance Tw 16 ... 120 mm • Teach-in range min. > 0,3 mm • adjustment Teach-in • power on indication LED green • output indicator LED red • light source pulsed red laser diode • laser class 2 • wave length 650 nm • beam diameter 0,5 ... 0,2 • response time < 1 ms • voltage supply range +Vs 12 ... 28 VDC • current consumption max. 80 mA • current consumption typ. 40 mA • output current < 100 mA • voltage drop Vd < 2,8 VDC • reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND • short circuit protection yes • width / diameter 12,4 mm • height / length 37 mm • depth 34,5 mm • type rectangular • housing material die-cast zinc • front (optics) glass • connection types connector M8 4 pin
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