Unique Flashpoint Tester Offers Maximum Safety and Versatility


The MINIFLASH Series from Grabner® Instruments is a uniquely designed group of flash-point testers that uses a patented detection method to determine the flash point of liquids and solids.

The MINIFLASH is the only series of instruments able to automatically determine flash point according to the advanced ASTM D7094 Standard, which outlines the “Standard Test Method for Flash-Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup.” That method offers the highest repeatability and reproducibility, correlates well to the D93 Pensky-Martens method, provides results equivalent to other well known standards such as Abel and TAG.

The MINIFLASH uses a patented detection method that measures the instantaneous pressure increase inside a continuously closed test chamber resulting from a high-energy electric arc that ignites vapor from a 2 mL sample. Its unique design allows the MINIFLASH to be used for such difficult applications as flash-point testing of contaminated samples and biodiesel fuels.

The unit’s continuously closed cup design and small sample volume ensures maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area, and reduces sample waste. Its fast thermoelectric cooling and user friendly design further reduce labor costs. The unit’s compact size and rugged housing make it the perfect solution for mobile labs and for military applications.

Typical applications include the fast screening of diesel and jet fuels, the flash-point testing of potentially flammable goods, pharmaceuticals, aroma products, paints, varnishes, engine and lubricating oils, and determining the composition of solid wastes and unknown mixtures of liquid hydrocarbons.
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