Unique Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge Reduces Hydrocarbon Contamination Up to 95 Percent in a Single Pass


Pentair Industrial announces the Carbflex™ OAC-20BB Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge, an efficient, high-capacity solution for reducing hydrocarbon contamination and other pollutants. The OAC-20BB filter cartridge is constructed from modified cellulose-based filter media for exceptional absorption, delivering high flow rates and low pressure drop. This design allows the filter media to chemically bond with hydrocarbons instantaneously—
absorbing up to 95 percent of the total hydrocarbons in a single pass. The OAC-20BB filter cartridge can also be used in conjunction with additional Carbflex Series cartridges connected in series to provide lower hydrocarbon outlet levels.

The OAC-20BB filter cartridge easily removes dissolved and dispersed oils for a broad range of applications, including auto service stations, car and truck washes, oil and gas facilities, machine and repair shops, shipping bilge water and surface water runoff at truck stops, airports and parking lots. Its specially designed, high-capacity filter media ensures the cartridge can reliably contain 250-300 percent of its own weight in removed hydrocarbons, reducing time and costs associated with filter change-outs. As part of the Carbflex Series, Pentair’s sophisticated family of carbon filtration technologies, the OAC-20


• Endcaps - PVC Plastisol • Center Core - Natural Polypropylene • Outer Net – Polyethylene • Media - Modifed Cellulose • Area - 18 sq. ft. (1.6 sq. m.) • Weight - 1.75 lbs. (0.8 kg) • Chemical Notifcation # - 0 (zero)
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