Universal Pipe Gaskets Seal a Wide Range of Chemicals


W. L. Gore & Associates’ breakthrough GORE™ Universal Pipe Gasket is gaining broad acceptance and usage in process piping applications. A growing list of chemical and pharmaceutical processors are now using the new gaskets successfully across piping classes. GORE™ Universal Pipe Gaskets enable maintenance engineers to standardize their gasket applications across steel, glass-lined steel and FRP systems wherever a non-metallic gasket can be used. Users are realizing lowered overall sealing costs, simplified maintenance procedures, and easier inventory management with the product. According to Carl Jones, product specialist, the GORE™ Universal Pipe Gasket is successfully sealing a wide range of chemicals at varying pressure levels and temperatures. “Customers are reporting excellent performance with chlorine, sulfuric and phosphoric acid, sodium carbonates and hypochlorites, brines, fluorosilicones, waste gases, ozone and high-pressure steam, to name just a few. The list of successful applications just keeps on growing. Users are discovering that our new gaskets contribute to measurably improved maintenance and cost efficiencies,” he stated. Unaffected by even the most aggressive chemicals, GORE™ Universal Pipe Gaskets provide exceptional performance in three important areas: seal reliability, conforming to irregular surfaces, and protecting flanges. They are engineered to deliver superior bolt load retention, and achieve superior creep resistance for reliable sealing of steel piping flanges. Moreover, these gaskets deliver the lowest stress-to-seal in even the most fragile plastic and glass-lined flanges.
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