Universal Vision Sensor


Balluff’s new BVS Universal Vision Sensor truly does what others can‘t, including: 360° part position detection, defect finding, contour based counting and matching, bar code reading (linear and 2D DM) and OCV. It also includes a serial port and digital I/O. The Balluff BVS Universal adds a powerful 360° algorithm, providing performance much like that of higher priced vision systems, but in a much simpler, smaller package and at a significantly lower price. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Balluff BVS Universal Sensor can be used for assembly and presence control, reading and verification of codes, and advanced part position detection.

The BVS Universal Vision Sensor can read multiple codes at once and is extremely fast - up to 40 codes per second can be located, read and verified in any orientation. In addition, an optical character verification (OCV) function can verify printed sequences of characters and numbers such as batch numbers or minimum shelf life dates. The Balluff BVS Universal Vision Sensor is now available in a 6mm, 8mm and 12mm lens version with either a built-in visible red or infrared ring light. It is available in a 640x480 sensor resolution with PNP digital outputs, the ability to trigger an external light source and an RS232 serial port, and still provides an Ethernet TCP/IP port for PC based configuration.


  • 360° part position detection
  • serial port and digital I/O
  • can read multiple codes at once
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