Unlimited Sales Success


A million excuses can block you from achieving your sales and income goals. But consider this: The top 20% of salespeople reel in 80% of sales, no matter the obstacles.They get predictable, exemplary results in fluctuating conditions. And you can too when you master the all-time best sales techniques ever created! Unlimited Sales Success is the selling professional's bible of the most crucial, hard-won, powerful sales lessons ever learned.


This book identifies the best practices of top performers, including:

  • 7 ways to spot (and avoid) a poor prospect
  • Mental exercises that convert rejections into a spark to keep going
  • How to merge relationship, consultative, and educational selling
  • The single most powerful question you can ask your customer
  • Practice tips to improve your presentations and triple your sales
  • The potent tool that can instantly turn indifferent customers into buyers
  • What to say when your customer complains about the price
  • The 7 key techniques that account for 90% of all closes
  • How to ensure repeat sales in our "recommendation nation"
  • The real reason why customers defect
  • How to double the time you spend face-to-face with qualified prospects, and reap the rewards
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