Unwind /Rewind Controller calculates diameters


Eliminating the surface encoders and awkward lay-on rolls greatly simplifies the designs. Knowing calculated roll diameters and roll total content allows convenient triggers and alarms for roll change-outs.

We know of NO DIRECT COMPETITION offering these very unique features.

  • Two (2) Channel: Controls either or both Unwind / Wind axes.
  • Calculates Diameters automatically for constant line speed.
  • Uses Axle drive Motors and Encoders... NO surface encoders needed.
  • Built-in automated dancer load / unload sequences.
  • Works with all types of Drives... AC / DC / Vector / Servo.
  • Uses moving Dancer Trim signal to trim either axle.
  • Encoder Inputs (2): Unwind / Wind Axles.
  • Analog Inputs (2): Dancer Position & optional remote speed pot.
  • Multi-Line Display, plus built-in PLC, signal isolation, menu & help screens.
  • Simple Setup... Select application type, then use Automatic Learn Sequence.
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