Use This Trowelable Putty to Patch, Repair or Fill


Boron Nitride Cera Patch is a unique trowelable putty for patching, repairing and filling any fissure, crack, or defect in refractory materials, leaving a non-wetting layer for molten metals, glasses, slags/drosses.


It contains no RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber) and is not sensitive to freezing like other ceramic repair products. After applying and drying with no cure required, Cera Patch uniquely expands when heated up to the use-temperature



  • expands to fill damaged areas
  • won't sinter, shrink, or crack with thermal cycling
  • applies smoothly, spreads easily with fast drying
  • stops metal penetration or undercutting
  • long life of repaired areas due to non-reaction/non-wetting
  • high adhesion to all refractory types without chipping or flaking
  • fills fissures, cracks, seams, and joints
  • not sensitive to freezing
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