USR Series Short-Range Ultrasonic Sensors Provide Accurate Non-Contact Level Measurement


The USR Series Ultrasonic Level Sensors were designed by Madison Company for short-range level measurement in both process and industrial applications. Five models are available, each supplied with a factory-set sensing range, so no calibration is needed. The microprocessor-based circuits in these sensors provide a temperature-compensated signal for improved accuracy.

Madison's USR Series Sensors are available with a USR Level Controller, which is programmable for up to two sensors, for either a 110 VAC or 220 VAC power source. This optional controller provides an integrated user-programmable display and alarm. The controller can also be programmed with hysteresis and alarm delay options to match process control range requirements.

The USR Series also includes Madison-Omni models which offer a self-contained, user-programmable display and alarm.


* Microprocessor controlled * Temperature compensated * Target indicating LED for ease in installation (not featured in Omni models) * 4-20 mA or 0-5 V outputs * Several housing materials to choose from; specials can be quoted * Madison-Omni® series has integrated user-programmable display and alarm.
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