Vacuum Cups Catalog


More informative, more comprehensive and arranged more clearly: FIPA Inc. is publishing its new vacuum cups catalog, in which more than 2,100 different vacuum suction cups including all of the latest innovations are arranged clearly according to industry, applications and series. 

Technical specifications, design drawings and application information make the new catalog with more than 500 pages an extremely useful tool. "Our new vacuum cups catalog has the potential to become the standard reference source for suction cups in the American market", says FIPA President and Owner Rainer Mehrer. FIPA put a lot of time and energy into the new vacuum cups catalog. During long months of work, those responsible for the project classified the comprehensive range of more than 2,100 different vacuum cups according to a clearly organized and easy-to-understand system. For example, all of the vacuum suction cups are classified according to series and industry for the first time in the new catalog design. 

Moreover, the products already listed in the series and industry sections are also shown in the spare parts section of the catalog. The new design simplifies and speeds up the search for specific vacuum cups enormously, if requirement and application specifications are known. In addition to information about design, use and application for each product series, technical specifications and drawings are provided. You can therefore clearly see that the nine chapters of the catalog will simplify the work of planners and purchasers in every industry.

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