Vacuum Lifter-Tilter


A new vacuum lifter for handling strip metal coils which combines powered lifting and tilting with suction pads that prevent telescoping is now available. The Anver AT-Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilter is a compact unit which lets an operator pick up a thin strip metal coil from the top surface, keeping the center hole unobstructed, and then manipulate and load it onto a mandrel.  Featuring fully adjustable and lockable power tilting, controlled by a joystick, the vacuum suction pads are configured to prevent telescoping. 

Eliminating damage from grippers or magnetism, the Anver AT-Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilter is powered by compressed air and uses rubber vacuum suction pads or other materials, depending upon the coil dimensions and special customer requirements.  Providing a 100% duty cycle, this powered vacuum lifter-tilter includes vacuum gauges and audio-visual safety alarms.


  • combines powered lifting and tilting
  • powered by compressed air
  • audio-visual safety alarms
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