Vacuum Technology Book


Pfeiffer Vacuum announces the new "Vacuum Technology Book, Volume II". This catalog represents the entire range of products offered by Pfeiffer Vacuum and serves as an expert adviser on the subject of vacuum. The wide range of products can be seen just by looking at the second edition of the "Vacuum Technology Book". The complete book is in five volumes which not only offers a detailed overview of the products, but together with Volume 1, also offers comprehensive insight into the world of vacuum solutions by Pfeiffer Vacuum. 

In Volume 2, major foundations for vacuum technology are discussed which lay the necessary foundation for successful work with vacuum. In volumes 3.1 to 3.3, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents the new product portfolio for the areas of vacuum generation, measurement, analysis, leak detection and leak testing, systems and vacuum components. Information on the individual product lines, selection tables and decision support, easy ordering information and a detailed index complete the representation of the product range.

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