vb7™ Leading-Edge Vibration Analysis


What’s the best way to transform a good product into something that is truly best in class? Listen to your customers, of course!

Using as our benchmark the legendary vb3000™ instrument, our most popular portable vibration analysis instrument, we engineered the all-new vb7™ instrument’s electronics from the ground up using state-of-the-art, lightweight components; we then sculpted the vb7™ instrument into a superbly comfortable tool designed both by and for predictive maintenance professionals.

Enhanced instrument functionality
• 6400 line FFT resolution
• 40 kHz Fmax
• 1 GB memory - virtually unlimited spectra storage
• 40% lighter than its predecessors
• Enhanced ergonomics and user interface
• True left and right-handed operation
• Larger, higher resolution screen (480x320, white LED backlight)
• Improved measurement range: 1000 g, 25 000 mm/s, 2500 mm
• Cross channel phase analysis
• Support for acceleration, displacement, velocity and current sensors
• Process parameter input via keypad with trend and alarm capability in Ascent® software
• 2 channel data collection on route

“Delivering unmatched customer value is the core philosophy driving Commtest’s innovation efforts. We understand that what you value most is the ability to complete your work as quickly and comfortably as possible, confident that you are getting high quality data first time, every time. With customer feedback directly guiding our product development, the all-new vb7™ instrument offers usability enhancements that are sure to make your working relationship a pleasant one” says Jack Dischner, President.

Commtest’s foray into the U.S. market represents a significant challenge to its competition. The company’s vibration analysis products are cost-competitive and Commtest is able to respond quickly to adapt their product offerings to meet customers’ needs. They also offer the only five-year warranty in the industry – a benefit that customers rarely have to pay for. According to Jack, ‘our warranty claims are the lowest in the industry.’

The vb7™ instrument is an all-in-one tool suitable for every level of vibration analyst, from novice through to expert. The Ascent® software contains the collective experience of over 25 years of expert in-depth machine fault analysis.
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