VCI Film Bin Liners


Corrosion inhibitor (VCI) poly film liners for bins and crates provide a protective barrier against acidic, corrosion-causing materials often used in handling of fabricated metal parts. Whether parts are moved within the plant or packaged for shipment, metalworking companies face the potential of rust forming on finished machined surfaces. Unprotected metals that come into contact with corrugated boxes, wooden crates and containers are quickly susceptible to their corrosive effects leading to possible rework. 

Daubert Cromwell helps quality conscious companies avoid costly blasting and cleaning by providing Premium Metal-Guard film in large-size gusseted bags to fit nearly every size box, bin, and pallet. The VCI poly film acts as a barrier between the metal and untreated packaging and protects surfaces with safe, effective, economical, and proven corrosion inhibitor chemistry.  


  • protective barrier
  • fit nearly every size box, bin, and pallet
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