VD510 - Dispensing Valve


The VD510 is a diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials (under 10,000 cps). Using the stroke adjustment knob, shot sizes can be fine tuned. The valve is small in size weighing only 2.7oz. and having a height of 3.1 inches making it ideal for stand-alone bench dispensing use or machine integration. The diaphragm valve design separates the wetted parts from the driving parts therefore the valve is ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates, electrolytes, reagents, glues, paints, solvents, alcohol and other volatile substances that may cause damage such as erosion to most machinery. When air pressure is applied to the valve with a standard I&J Fisnar dispenser, the valve will open and the material will be dispensed. After the dispense cycle has finished a spring assists the valve in returning to its closed position for immediate shut-off allowing little to no chance of material waste.


• Operating Air Pressure: 4.0~6.0kgf/cm2(60~90PSI) • Material Delivery Pressure: Max 5.0kgf/cm2 • Cycle Rate: Min 500 cycles • Flow Rate (KV value): 0.3l/min • Minimum Shot Size: 0.001cc (material dependant) • Valve Structure: Diaphragm Valve • Weight: 76g • Driving part materials: Body: AL(Hard coated, Black) • Wetted part materials: Valve Head: UHMW-PE • Connecting Ports: Operating Air Inlet:M5xP0.8
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