Versatile Two Component, Epoxy for Bonding, Coating, Encapsulation & Casting


Master Bond Inc., has introduced a new two component low viscosity epoxy resin system for high performance bonding, sealing, coating, encapsulation and casting called EP21FLVSP. It has the unusual characteristic of being able to adjust the properties of the cured system by altering the standard 1 to 1 mix ratio. Adding more part A (e.g. 2:1 mix ratio) gives a more rigid cure (enhanced machinability) while adding more part B (e.g. 1:2 mix ratio) gives a more forgiving cure (greater impact resistance). Bond shear strength is excellent, in excess of 2900 psi, while the tensile modulus is 320,000 psi and its Shore D hardness is greater than 70.

EP21FLVSP produces high strength, durable bonds which hold up well to thermal cycling. It resists many chemicals including water, oils, fuels, acids, bases and salts and is serviceable over the temperature range of -55°C to 120°C (-65°F to +250°F). For bonding or sealing, EP21FLVSP can be conveniently applied with a brush, paint roller, spatula, knife, etc. In addition, Master Bond Polymer System EP21FLVSP can produce excellent protective coatings on both metallic and nonmetallic surfaces. Since this epoxy resin compound does not contain any solvents or other volatiles, thick coatings (10 mils and more) can readily be deposited with only one application. Furthermore, such coatings are free from pinholes and other defects.

Once cured, EP21FLVSP is an outstanding electrical insulator with a volume resistivity of 1015 ohm-cm and a dielectric constant of 2.89 at 1 KHz. This, coupled with its low viscosity, makes it an excellent encapsulating and potting epoxy. For potting and casting the EP21FLVSP is readily pourable and can be processed by conventional methods to produce high quality castings. It is available in pint, quart, gallon & 5 gallon containers.
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