Vertical Storing Dock Leveler


For the first time ever, a vertical storing dock leveler no longer uses a rotating lip. NORDOCK®, a manufacturer and distributor of loading dock equipment, is excited to unveil their latest product innovation. Introducing the patent-pending NVTL model vertical storing TELESCOPING-LIP™ dock leveler—the ultimate end load solution, and the next step in performance, safety and security.

The NVTL’s innovative TELESCOPING-LIP™ has the ability to extend and retract horizontally, completely eliminating issues with loads located at the back of a trailer, commonly referred to as end loads. It grants safe access to cargo without the fear of damage, and avoids interference with the vehicle restraint. The removal of the front hinge and rotating lip make the NVTL structurally superior, and allow to effectively seal the 4th side with the exclusive BUMPER-TO-BUMPER™ barrier, creating the first true pit seal. The NVTL model TELESCOPING-LIP™ is reliable, functional with unparalleled performance and the perfect solution for climate-controlled facilities.


  • able to extend and retract horizontally
  • no longer uses a rotating lip
  • safe access to cargo
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