VFS 60 Motor Feedback System Now Available in Blind Hollow Shaft Configurations


VFS 60 Motor Feedback Systems from SICK STEGMANN, INC. are now available in blind hollow shaft configurations.  Blind hollow shaft encoders have just one point of potential access, which significantly reduces the potential for contamination by dust, dirt or water compared with standard hollow shaft encoders, making them well suited for use in dirty or dusty environments with water washdown cleansing.  

“Hollow shaft clamping provides substantial increases in overall encoder reliability and immunity to electrical interference, especially when mounting to asynchronous motors, due to electrical isolation between the motor shaft and encoder.  Hollow shaft clamping also provides easy mounting while minimizing run out problems with collets,” says Scott Hewitt, President, SICK STEGMANN, INC.

VFS 60 blind hollow shaft encoders feature a unique nickel code disc that provides robust operation in harsh industrial environments, and tolerance to temperatures as high as 100ºC.  They are IP65 rated and deliver from 1 to 10,000 ppr in an industry-standard 60mm housing.  The ball bearings that support the encoder shaft are spaced 30 mm apart for excellent concentricity (± 0.3/± 0.1mm radial; ± 0.5/±0.2mm axial) and robustness, and minimum encoder vibration.  A radial/axial cable outlet reduces installation depth and allows a single encoder type to be used for various applications. They are available with a TTL or HTL interface.  

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