Vibratory Fluid Bed Drying, Cooling, Conveying


The Witte Co. has unveiled new technical literature that explains how to combine vibration with fluidization to deliver highly efficient heat transfer between the process air and the solid particles. Entitled, “Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers & Coolers”, the literature features full color photography, illustrations and detailed schematics to showcase the impact of vibrating fluidized beds on drying and cooling and to demonstrate how it creates a gentle linear motion that conveys the particles from the vessel’s entry point to the exit in a controlled, uniform manner while safeguarding particle integrity.

Developed for process engineers and others involved in the manufacture of dry products such as foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and minerals, the new brochure provides a primer on vibratory drive design and specification for low maintenance fluid bed processing and includes system design ideas for boosting energy-efficiency along with a peek at the company’s signature dust collection approach. Witte places an integral baghouse directly atop the fluid bed dryer to capture fine particles and return them to the process as product rather than collect them as dust for disposal as waste. The company’s signature approach to designing fluid bed dryers, cooler, conveyors and other process equipment for complete access, easy disassembly and cleanability is also highlighted.
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