Videographic Recorders


ABB’s Measurement Products’ business announces the availability of an eight-page, full-color, illustrated brochure that describes the unit’s line of ScreenMaster videographic recorders. The brochure notes that these recorders provide a reliable, cost effective, and secure solution for paperless data recording and analysis in the process industries. The product range assures a recorder that fits nearly every application, including field and control room installations. 

According to the brochure, capabilities include 21 CFR Part 11 data security, high visibility, remote access and operation, email notification, and hose-down enclosures. Windows®-style menus and dialogs guide operators through setup functions. The variety of illustrated display formats available include strip and circular charts, bar graph, digital indicators and multiple value overviews. In addition, the recorders incorporate math, alarm, and totalizer capabilities, as well as the ability to communicate data to SCADA and DCS systems. 

The brochure notes that new DataManager Pro software from ABB provides highly sophisticated ways to interrogate and present stored data from ScreenMaster recorders. Users get instant access to organized data regardless of when or on which ScreenMaster it was recorded. They can also search and rapidly display batch records, as well as identify batches with common attributes. The brochure concludes with individual overviews of the SM500F, SM1000, SM2000, and SM3000 video graphic recorders. 

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